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My research is empirical in nature, meaning that I conduct studies and use data on real people, often collected by me and my research team. As an empirical researcher, I find it important to spend time in the geographical areas that I study and to be actively involved in field work. As a researcher based in a high-income country researching low-income countries, I think this is even more important. During my PhD years I was fortunate to spend a total of one year in Uganda, first as a research assistant, and later on my own projects with co-authors. These long stays taught me many things that I would not have been able to learn through studying secondary data. Many of them also ended up being valuable in unexpected ways in the design of studies and questionnaires. 

I am always looking for students interested in gaining field experience through internship or research assistant positions. I have linked to my ongoing projects on the page in order to provide an easy overview of current field work opportunities. 

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